About Us

Providing wireless infrastructure and communications to residents, businesses and visitors of our great State. 

About Us

The Michigan Wireless Association was formed to provide an official forum for the cultivation of relationships and exchange of ideas between wireless telecommunications professionals, government officials and the public, and to create a platform for a unified voice among the wireless industry. The Michigan Wireless Association joins the current team of 38 state associations and is directly supported by the PCIA.

Our Goals

  • To provide a community in which we encourage the sharing of industry-related info, awareness and education
  • To foster relationships within our membership as well as with local communities
  • To work together to ensure the successful, continued growth and development of our industry

Mission Statement

Growing our industry through collaboration is a primary goal of the Michigan Wireless Association. Through networking with individuals from multiple companies and industry sectors, we build a better foundation for the future of wireless communications. Collectively, a unified team consisting of wireless carriers, tower companies, municipal representatives, environmental vendors, site acquisition personnel, equipment suppliers and wireless contractors means improved communication and job security for the people and State of Michigan.

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Charitable Giving

Michigan Wireless Association members are blessed to be part of a thriving industry and are dedicated to giving back to those in need.

Wireless technology positively contributes to Michigan’s economy in numerous ways. We are fortunate to have benefited from a thriving industry and with that in mind, the MWA makes it a priority to pay it forward. Learn more below about the organizations that we’re proud to sponsor.

MWA Board Members

Executive Committee

Nate Noetzel, President
Beth Powers, Vice President
Amy Burroughs,  Secretary
Nathan Olson, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Nate Noetzel, National Tower and Telco
Beth Powers, Lendlease
Amy Burroughs, Atlas Towers
Nathan Olson, Harmoni Towers
Jessica Cobb, MDTS
Manny Montoya, The City of Ann Arbor
Heidi Zimmer, T-Mobile

Steering Committee Director

Peter Bertsch, Earthcom

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