About Michigan Wireless

About Us

The Michigan State Wireless Association was formed to provide an official forum for the cultivation of relationships and exchange of ideas between wireless telecommunications professionals, government officials and the public, and to create a platform for a unified voice among the wireless industry. The Michigan State Wireless Association joins the current team of 38 state associations and is directly supported by the PCIA.

Mission Statement

MSWA will be a business association comprised of members from all sectors of the wireless industry whose objective is the promotion and advancement of the industry by means of education, awareness and opportunity. The association\’s mission is to be a unified voice in state and local legislative matters impacting the industry and will be a central repository for collection and distribution of news and information for its members. In addition, the association will look to cultivate relationships and exchange ideas between the wireless telecommunications professionals and the local communities that they serve.


  • To provide a community in which we encourage the sharing of industry-related info, awareness and education
  • To foster relationships within our membership as well as with local communities
  • To work together to ensure the successful, continued growth and development of our industry

Charitable Giving

We are fortunate to be a part of such a thriving industry – with that in mind, Michigan Wireless Association is dedicated to giving back to charity.

Wireless technology contributes in so many ways to Michigan’s economy and we’ve all benefited.  We are fortunate to be a part of such a thriving industry – with that in mind, Michigan Wireless Association is dedicated to giving back.  We give with our time and through charitable contributions by donating to organizations that benefit those less fortunate in our State.

Please check out some of the latest letters we’ve received from organizations sponsored by the MWA.

Our Officers and Committees


Nate Noetzel, President
Beth Powers, Vice President
Amy Burroughs,  Secretary
Nathan Olson, Treasurer


At Large: Peter Bertsch (steering), Jackie Brown (education), Ken Kalousek (legal), Heidi Zimmer (charity), Tim Furlong (PR-marketing), David Gilman (social), Manny Montoya (at large).

Committee Descriptions

Social Committee

The role of this Committee is to improve communications and contacts between companies, individuals and sectors within the state’s wireless industry.  Ideally, this Committee should create, maintain and distribute a membership directory/database; recruit new members; schedule meetings and events; work with the PR Committee to inform members of those events; etc.

Legal Committee

The Legal Group provides counsel and direction to the MWA Board and its Officers regarding any legal issues or questions that arise in the course of their respective duties.  At the direction of the Officers, these duties include among others, reviewing and presiding over any changes in the bylaws, reviewing MWA agreements with third parties, and obtaining liability insurance.  The Legal Group is also responsible for actively monitoring and communicating federal, state, and local administrative, legislative, and recent court cases that impact our industry.

Public Relations and Marketing Committee

It is the job of the PR Committee to gather newsworthy information from our association and disseminate it to the media, industry, and general public. Initially this seems to be a straightforward process, but it has become complex as people are busy and many groups are vying for attention.  Information distribution in today’s environment has also grown increasingly complicated as means and methods for information exchange have changed dramatically over the last few years.

PR in today’s world involves writing materials, determining preferred distribution channel(s) and developing materials that fit the chosen vehicle. Determining distribution channels in itself is a carefully planned task as the chosen method must fit the occasion, be written properly for the channel and reach the intended audience.  Simply put, PR is a great place for anyone who enjoys writing and/or communicating with a diverse audience.

Member Education Committee

The role of this Committee is to organize education events and materials both inside and outside of the wireless industry.  Responsibilities include creating and facilitating opportunities to educate the members of the wireless association internally as well as to educate the public about the industry.

Jurisdiction/Outreach Committee

The role of this Committee is to monitor, shape and impact regulatory and legislative issues on a local, regional and state level.  Responsibilities may include organizing discussions with planning, zoning and other governmental officials as well as providing updates on wireless regulation.  The Jurisdiction/Outreach Committee is consistently seeking opportunities to educate members, local governments and planning professionals about the wireless industry with the goal of forging an increasingly positive working relationship.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group of high-level stakeholders responsible for providing guidance on the overall strategic direction of the Association. The Steering Committee is made up of organizational and wireless industry peers.  The functions of the Steering Committee are to formulate the Association’s key issues and support the development and implementation of the actions by the Association as a whole to further those objectives. The Steering Committee’s main concern is making strategic decisions that lead to the realization of the Association’s investments in education, advocacy, legislative regulation, event planning and charitable contributions. These decisions are paramount to the Association’s existence. The Steering Committee provides a stabilizing influence to the Association, so concepts and directions are established and even maintained with a visionary view.   The Steering Committee obtains support/agreement from stakeholders and is responsible for obtaining the support and cooperation of all stakeholders by both formal and informal means.